Baile 2 αυνανιστήρια και δονούμενο bullet με τηλεχειρισμό


2 αυνανιστήρια Baile και δονούμενο bullet με τηλεχειρισμό με αίσθηση κανονικού αιδοίου.

Άμεσα διαθέσιμο
Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Κωδικός προϊόντος: D-210284 Κατηγορία:


Baile Masturbator With Vibration Flesh

Turn masturbation into something almost real, close your eyes, squeeze it and start pushing … if you end up in so much excitement, don’t worry, it is reusable and washable without damaging its material.

A revolutionary ready-to-use masturbator, made with a soft touch, incorporates air chambers to create a suction effect! apply some lubricant and the action begins!

It also includes two masturbators so that you can choose the one you prefer and you can add a vibrating bullet regulated with a remote control to give you incredible sensations during masturbation or use it separately and let your partner play and you can feel the pleasure of masturbation and high stimulation to the time.

  • Two masturbators
  • Adjustable vibrating bullet with remote
  • Made of Tpr with a completely new touch, silky and similar to the skin. Flexible sleeve.
  • Measure; 14cm in total length x 8.8cm in width
  • Natural color
  • Brown color.

After use, clean it with a neutral ph soap and it will be ready for new use.

Make your masturbation hands-free. enjoy it as much as if it were real! You dare?




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