Bijoux Intensifier Balsam For Her


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This balm, specially designed for your clit, increases sensations and prepares your body for powerful orgasms. Just a couple of drops before the games begin are all you need to unveil a world of delight where climax is King. Content: Aphrodisia scented clitoral balm (13 ml · 0,44 fl.Oz)

  • Makes for powerful orgasms: stronger and more frequent.
  • Adds sensibility to touch and foreplay stimulation (ginseng)
  • Increases sensibility in the area: focus on your pleasure (arginina).
  • Intensifies natural sensations. (No arificial effects).
  • Long-lasting effect: Up to 40 minutes after applying.
  • Scented with Aphodisia, Bijoux Indiscrets own aphrodisiac essence, based in Kamasutra’s  secret formula.
  • Active Ingredients 100% Natural. 100% Vegan. 0% parabens.
  • Made in Spain




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