Bodystocking Obsessive – 868-Bab-1 Babydoll S/M


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Bodystocking Obsessive – 868-Bab-1 Babydoll S/M

Satin fabric, sexy lacing and unique details. You’ve found something incredibly charming! What now? Get this black babydoll and check how it works in action. Surprise your lover with chic temptation that brings a lot of pleasure!

Check these hot details:

  • Unique babydoll made out of see-through mesh
  • Tempting cuts in sleeves – exposed shoulders
  • Elegant adornment with black jewels – six lovely inserts on shoulders
  • Fitting lacing below the bust – sexy look and perfect fitting (Did2Fit)
  • Beautiful, satin fabric connects the top and bottom parts of the babydoll
  • Edges finished with lace
  • Intriguing slits on hips – ComfyCut panties – wearing comfort, fantastic look
  • Satin fabric, tiny cuts in lace and black jewels – charming details of panties
  • Product includes babydoll and panties
  • Nice, smooth and elastic fabrics (94% polyamide, 6% elastane)
  • Size: S/M

Obsessive means inspiration for women. Elegance,sensuality, embroidery love … Best fabrics and best embroideries to create unique pieces of lingerie. Years working to join the best quality – prize relation. World leaders in lingerie! Nobody makes it better!




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