Bodystocking Obsessive – Joylace Babydoll L / Xl


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Bodystocking Obsessive – Joylace Babydoll L / Xl

This lace babydoll will make you feel special with it on every morning. Tell your partner that you are ready because here is what is new about you, self-confidence and a wonderful look that stimulates the imagination. You will be mesmerized or hypnotized.


  • Babydoll Joylace
  • Decorative beads
  • Delicate lace
  • Three levels of closure.
  • Elastic materials
  • Includes babydoll and thong
  • Composition: 90% polyamide / 10% elastane.
  • Size: L / XL

Obsessive means inspiration in women! Elegance, sensuality, love of sewing … it means a lot to women, few are the adjectives that can qualify Obsessive, where years of work have managed to unite the best value for money.

World leaders in lingerie, no one does it better!




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