Bodystocking Obsessive – Strapelie Corset And Thong L/Xl


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Bodystocking Obsessive – Strapelie Corset And Thong L/Xl

Are you dreaming of a bit of spice and debauchery? If you want to feel like a goddess of hellfire and give yourself and your beau lots of wonderful sensations – we have a fantastic corset for you! Allow yourself a bit (or maybe more than a bit) of knitted weaves and tempting black. This remarkable combination will make the Strapelie corset fit you perfectly!

Discover more details:

  • Unique corset and thong in a sexy, skimpy cut
  • Thong with open crotch – an element that adds spiciness
  • Adjustable neck strap runs all the way to the bust
  • Thick weave imitating a belt – ideal emphasis of the waist
  • Adjustable garter straps – possibility of fitting
  • Silver pendant to add charm
  • Decorative edge finish – adds character
  • Boldly translucent black knitwear
  • Delicate, elastic, body-hugging material (90% polyamide, 10% elastane)
  • L/XL 

Obsessive means inspiration for women. Elegance,sensuality, embroidery love … Best fabrics and best embroideries to create unique pieces of lingerie. Years working to join the best quality – prize relation.

World leaders in lingerie! Nobody makes better!




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