Bodystocking Subblime Queen Plus Short Dress + Thong Red


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Bodystocking Subblime Queen Plus Short Dress + Thong Red

The term Sublime is used to refer to an extreme beauty, to something that goes beyond the rationality of the spectator. It's for this reason that it is used in a figurative sense in people and things that stand out from the whole in terms of excellence, superiority, beauty and perfection.

Subblime is a lingerie brand designed in the USA and created for women who wants to feel extremely sexy and irresistible with high quality materials and comfort 

  • Sensual and elegant dress 
  • For casual or sexy sexy moments 
  • Sexy clears
  • Color: Red
  • Exclusive design 
  • Presentation in nice box 
  • Size: Queen plus 

Elegance and seduction elevated to their maximum exponent, simply… Sublime!




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