Bullet δονητής Cici Beauty Premium Silicone


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Bullet δονητής Cici Beauty Premium Silicone

Bullet δονητής Cici Beauty Premium Silicone


  • 4 λειτουργίες thrust
  • πολύ δυνατή μηχανή
  • G-spot διέγερση
  • 25.0 cm x 3.5 cm (Insertable 25.0 cm)
  • USB rechargeable
  • IPX6 αδιάβροχο
  • Πολύ μαλακή σιλικόνη και ABS
  • Ασφαλή υλικά για το σώμα
  • Χωρίς φθαλικά


Ultra Power Cici Beauty Bullet – The name says it all. Like its colleagues in the Cici Beauty series, this bullet vibrator also impresses with an extremely powerful motor and a very compact format. With its voluminous shape, it also presents itself as a versatile lover: while its rounded tip creates selective stimuli, you can stimulate with its different angle and with its padded design for large-scale stimulation.


The Ultra Power Cici Beauty Bullet only has your pleasure in mind and wants to make it as easy as possible for you: With a simple click on its lower part, the little friend starts and enchants you with a varied program of 4 vibration modes. Its rounded soft silicone tip nestles gently against your skin and pampers your clitoris with intense and deep vibrations. It is particularly attentive and, thanks to its padded surface and voluminous shape, ensures that you never lose your balance, even in moments of greatest action. Even when making love with your partner, the Ultra Power Cici Beauty Bullet is the perfect partner to increase your lust.

This Satisfyer mini vibrator also proves to be a reliable companion when you’re on the go, hiding discreetly in your bag until you need it again, whenever and wherever you want. Don’t want to do without your love on your bathing adventures? No problem, because thanks to its waterproof finish (IPX6), joint trips to the shower or bath are easily possible. GIVE IT POWER!

The built-in batteries in your new favorite vibrator make it rechargeable and therefore environmentally friendly. If you want to charge your pleasure device with a mains plug, the included USB cable can be supplemented with a standard 5 V mains plug.


For maximum smooth pleasure, always use your Cici Beauty with one of Waterfeel’s or Aqua’s water-based lubricants that are perfectly matched to the product. This will make your experience joyously intense and give you an added pleasure factor. They are available in neutral versions, with cold, hot and flavored effects.


Cici Beauty Silicone features an incredibly flexible satin matte surface. Waterproof (IPX6) and combined with a practical ergonomic control made of the same material with details in scratch-resistant GOLD ABS, Cici Beauty toys are easy to clean and remain hygienic for a long time. The flexible material is wonderfully slippery and quickly warms up to body temperature. Your vibrator can be cleaned quickly and easily with a little soap and warm water. Finally, it guarantees exhaustive hygiene with a few sprays of disinfectant cleaner for toys.

Enjoy your toy as much as we have enjoyed making it for you.


Cici Beauty – much more than a European brand! It all started with stimulation through innovative motors and unique materials. The world’s leading sexual wellness brand now enriches the love lives of over 200,000 women, men and couples in over 100 countries with an exclusive range of cutting-edge products. With quality features such as high-quality silicone, 5-year warranty, fully waterproof (IPX7) and powerful motors, the successful European brand is always careful to combine technology with exceptional design in its products. A product assembled in Spain with the highest European quality.




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