Catsuits Obsessive Bodystocking Black F217 Xl/Xxl


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Catsuits Obsessive Bodystocking Black F217 Xl/Xxl

Feel the power of love!

Would you like to know what does the real pleasure mean? You have to take this box home. Thanks to the magic design and incredibly hot adornments you can fulfill your biggest dreams.So? No need to wait!

Charming details of F217 bodytsocking:

  •  2 in 1 knitted top, garters and stockings
  •  Floral motive
  •  Very feminine and incredibly hot
  •  Emphasized waist: satin bow and hourglass shaped design – optical slimming effect
  •  Open crotch
  •  Nice, elastic and very durable knitwear (90% nylon, 10% elastane)
  •  Line: spicy.





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