Cobeco Male Cobeco Wipes Delay


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MALE Cobeco Wipes Delay provides refreshment and is based on a unique formula, which delays the moment of ejaculation thanks to a slight anesthetic effect. For long lasting and carefree sexual pleasure. These unique wipes have been developed based on natural ingredients to provide long lasting enjoyment and more control. MALE Cobeco Wipes Delay has refreshing properties, which leave a pleasant sensation during sexual intercourse and prevent a premature ejaculation.

How does the product work?

The handy packaging makes the MALE Cobeco Wipes Delay convenient and easy to use. Simply everywhere. The practical wipes contain exactly the right amount of delay lotion. Laureth-9, Avena Sativa Extract and Hypericum Perforatum Extract have a slightly numbing effect and thereby provide more control during sexual intercourse. Suitable for single use only

  • 6 units.




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