Cobeco Pharma Massage Oil 500 Ml


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CBL Cobeco Massage Oil is a luxurious massage oil, which is rich in nourishing ingredients. The massage oil ensures maximal enjoyment during full-body massages. Due to the unique formula CBL Cobeco Massage Oil is smooth in texture, making it easy to apply and spread onto the skin.

Use the massage oil to create an ideal setting for intimate moments and to pleasantly massage each other.

  • Amount: 500 ml

How does the product work?

The soft and light texture of this oil is easy to spread and enables smooth skin to skin contact. The blood flow will be extra stimulated during each massage. Using this massage oil helps also to create intimate moments.

Apply to your own estimation a desired amount onto the skin. More massage oil can be applied upon desire during the massage. This oil contains a neutral scent and leaves after usage a nourished feeling.




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