Coconut Water-Based Lubricant 30 Ml


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We know that when it comes to pleasure, one thing can lead to another and there is no need to follow pre-established steps. Lubricants are great for solo play, sex, and practices that involve hands and fingers, of course. But we also wanted it to be perfect for oral sex.

"Lubricant and oral sex?" At Bijoux Indiscrets we are pro-natural scents and firmly believe that our ancient instincts relies on our sense of smell to make some of the most enjoyable choices. But we also understand that there are still taboos that we hope to break, especially those that have to do with body confidence and genitalia. So our purpose was to create something juicy but spicy. Something coconudo! A natural water-based formula perfect for sex, with a soft coconut aroma that makes the mouth even more pleasant, improving comfort. It's time to stop worrying and let go.

Relax and enjoy a formula made with ingredients adapted to your pH, perfect for pleasure without a hint of stress. Pamper your intimate area and soak up the relaxing aroma of coconut.

30 ml · 1 FL. OZ




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