Confortex Lubricant Single Dose 6ml


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The CONFORTEX GEL NATURE lubricant is made from premium quality prime substances. It’s an approved and CE marked medical device.

The CONFORTEX GEL NATURE lubricant is a medical device that complies with all the requirements of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

Ii is a water-based lubricant made with the highest quality standards. With a careful choice of its ingredients we have achieved a silky smooth gel reaching a long lasting lubrication.

Their distinctive designs along with its bold combination of colours make CONFORTEX GEL NATURE an easy to identify product with which you’ll experience a more fun and safe sex.

The unit package of CONFORTEX GEL NATURE lubricant includes composition and indications for use and preservation, as well as all information necessary for a safely use.

The CONFORTEX GEL NATURE lubricant has an expiry date of 5 years since manufacturing date. All our packages have imprinted both the expiration date and batch number for identification. The expiry date indicates the period of use with optimal results.

The hermetic pack in single-dose format of CONFORTEX GEL NATURE lubricant maintain its properties unaltered.

  • Composition: purified water, glycerine, propylene glycol USP, Hidroxy ether cellulose, sodium benzoate, Polysorbate 20, Disodium EDTA. Sugar and parabens free.
  • Non-greasy lubricant: water based
  • Dermatologically tested: Respects the natural physiology (pH <7)
  • Colour:  Transparent, non-staining
  • Flavour: Flavourless, odourless
  • Texture: Silky and smooth
  • Format: Hermetic pack in 6 ml single-dose format





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