Coquette Chic Desire Premium Experience 100ml Vegan Lubes Space Sativa


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To start with, some basic notions that you should choose a Coquette Chic Desire water-based lubricant.

If either of the couple is prone to fungal infections (candidiasis, etc.), we must avoid silicone lubricants and those that contain glycerin. Coquette Chic Desire is 100% water based lubricant.
If any of you have sensitive skin, allergies or other sensitivities, you should avoid any lubricant that does not have parabens. Coquette Chic Desire is 100% Paraben Free.
And very important: we must never use silicone lubricants with silicone toys, since they will break and we must not use lubricants with oils with condoms, since we run the risk of condoms breaking. We recommend the use of Coquette Chic Desire lubricants for a perfect experience in using sex toys.

We give you several reasons to choose Coquette Chic Desire lubricants.

  • They are 100% water based and also contain Aloe Vera to facilitate vaginal / anal hydration
  • 100% Sugar Free Lubricants
  • 100% Gluten Free Lubricants
  • Incredibly good flavors

One of the main reasons to buy Coquette Chic Desire lubricants is the formula in its flavors. Its main components are natural and suitable for vegans.

This lubricant has a delicious taste to;

  • Space Sativa – Marijuana Muffin (heat cannabis)
  • 100ML airless container




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