Coquette Chic Desire Waterbased Kissable Strawberry Lube Gel 10 Ml


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Flirtatious person or "coquette"  is one who is smug, who likes to take care of himself or herself and who does everything to seem attractive… in short, lovers of good and exquisite things, that's why they want the best for their couple games and this is the reason why we introduce this delicious water-based lubricant 

What is Coquette Chic Desire Strawberry Lubricant?

A delicious premium water-based lubricant with long-lasting glide and of course, accompanied by a delicious strawberry flavor.

Why use it?

Coquette's Chic Desire kissable strawberry lubricant, thanks to its pocket format will make you able to take it anywhere offering multiple possibilities of pleasure since it can be used well with toys, since it is water-based and its exclusive formula provides a long-lasting slip, either in couples or preliminary relationships because its intense flavor invites the game and passion

  • Water-based lubricant
  • Kissable
  • Exclusive formula. Long duration
  • Pocket format. Pleasure assured at your fingertips anywhere
  • 10 ml
  • Premium experience




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