Delta Club Toys φαλλός ροζ από σιλικόνη 17 X 3cm χωρίς Φθαλικα


Φαλλός ροζ από σιλικόνη 17 X 3cm Delta Club Toys χωρίς Φθαλικα, υποαλλεργικός, κατασκευάζεται στην Αμερική.

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Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

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Delta Club Toys Dong Pink Silicone 17 X 3cm

DELTACLUB © has given a new twist to the classic dildo to offer you the best and first quality material. The medical grade silicone made in the USA is 100% free of phthalates and latex, safe and hypoallergenic.

What are the benefits of using a silicone dildo?

Medical silicone has a very nice touch and is the ideal material for a lot of fun. It is very hygienic and impresses with its quality, which with the help of a water-based lubricant becomes a unique pleasure. It is best to use AQUA lubricants. You can easily clean your DELTACLUB © with mild soap and water. For greater hygiene, you should also use the disinfectant spray that perfectly suits your partner; a few sprays are enough to optimally clean your toys.


  • Measurements: 17 cm. length x 3 cm. diameter.


DELTACLUB © develops high-quality dildos in the USA for modern women or adventurous couples. Realistic yet effective designs make DELTACLUB products first-class and unique sex toys thanks to their MEDICAL SILICONE material. The fast time to body temperature and the perfect design of each toy speak for themselves. Whether integrated into foreplay, as a decorative accessory during love play or solo action, DELTACLUB © dildos can be used in many ways and drive you to climax.




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