Easy Anal Lubricant


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Pure passion.

Trying out anal lovemaking for the first time? Or are you already an experienced traveller in this exciting territory? In both cases, experts of both sexes recommend high-quality easyANAL lubricant. It provides carefree pleasure and an absolutely sensitive sensual experience. Its skin-friendly properties have been dermatologically and clinically tested. And what’s more, easyANAL is 100% suitable for use with condoms.

The many advantages of easyANAL:

  •  approved as a medical-grade product       
  •  subject to constant quality control
  •  pH-optimised           
  •  features long-lasting lubricating properties
  •  is highly effective, with a little going a long way    
  •  suitable for use with condoms
  •  water-soluble and fat-free  
  •  ideal for oral intercourse
  •  subject to regular medical and dermatological testing      
  •  available from chemists, well-stocked erotic retailers, and via the Internet           


Available as easyANAL, medical-grade lubricant, neutral

  • 80 ml, 




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