Eros Bodyglide Superconcentrated Woman Lubricant 100 Ml


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If you’re a big fan of EROS silicone lubricants, you’ll definitely want to add EROS Bodyglide Super Concentrated Lubricant to your collection. As the world’s first ever silicone- based lubricant, launched back in 1994, it set a milestone.

The classic EROS silicone lubricant is still produced today and considered the Rolls Royce of lubricants. Its fitting “retro” design is reminiscent of the birth of silicone lubricants. The quality remains the same: with its unique, time-tested 100% EROS premium silicone quality, complete glide pleasure together with extremely long-lasting smoothness is guaranteed – without drying out!

Look forward to an unforgettable gliding experience and to amazing softness that leaves your skin feeling smooth!


  •  Dermatologically tested
  •  Very economical
  •  For use with latex condoms
  •  Non-sticky and does not dry up
  •  Free from preservatives
  •  Flavourless
  •  Colourless and odourless
  •  Extremely long-lasting glide quality
  •  Oil-free and unscented
  •  CE mark; licensed as a medicinal product
  •  100 ml




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