Joyballs Secret Set For Pelvic Floor


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The most discrete love balls in the world not only feature an exceptionally attractive design, but are also extremely effective! They strengthen the vaginal muscles in a special way, and are very easy to insert. Even the patented retrieval tab is worn inside the body. This makes the Joyballs secret easy to remove. You can wear your little secret everywhere, even to the swimming pool, for example. The high-quality Silikomed® material is 100% waterproof and thus suitable for machine washing. Choose your favourite colour with matching Joyball bag. Together with your partner, you will scale the heights of pleasure during lovemaking.

• patented integrated loop for removal is worn inside
• quiet as a whisper through patented technology
• soft stimulation and more effective training of the pelvic floor muscles by "trampoline-effect"
• for more intense sexual sensibility and increased potency in your orgasm
• made of Silikomed ®
• skin-friendly and hypoallergenic

JOYBALL secret set;

  • 1 Joyballs secret
  • 1 Joyballs secret single
  • Toybox
  • Toybag
  • Manuel




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