Lelo Luna Beads Gold


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Designed to offer natural stimulation and recreate with subtle vibrations as you move, these 20-carat gold-plated pleasure spheres are designed to progressively intensify orgasms and increase sexual sensitivity, towards the most powerful and long-lasting climax.

The best things in this life are always waiting … The second best things in this life consist of almost perfect craftsmanship. Like our luxury products: made for people who want the best and know that the best takes time.

  • Maximum luxury and 100% biocompatible
  • Smooth 20-karat gold exterior
  • Luxurious and discreet sensations
  • Rubberized internal balls for very quiet vibrations
  • LELO’s unmatched quality and style
  • Award-winning packaging, 2-year full warranty

Opening a box of LELO products is a sensual and sexy ritual. The first moment of excitement turns into a party of pleasure that is the ultimate expression of the most satisfying purchase.

  • 2 x LUNA Beads ™ Luxe
  • Silicone coated
  • Satin cover
  • Warranty Registration
  • User manual




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