Neutral Water-Based Lubricant 30 Ml


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It is time that we begin to understand that our lubricants must have the same quality formula that we demand of our skin care products. Let's give them the importance they deserve!

In addition to the many factors that can contribute to a lack of lubrication (such as diet and stress level, for example), lubricants are not exclusive to people with a vulva. They are the perfect allies to play alone regardless of your genitals. They also combine perfectly with your favorite toy and, above all, they also accompany us when it is necessary to lubricate areas of the body that do not lubricate naturally to make them safe, painless and fun. A lube is not just a problem solver, it is the Jedi master of sexual "accessories".

A medical grade water-based lubricant formulated with high-quality ingredients to match your natural lubrication, without fragrance, dye, or added sugar.

30 ml · 1 FL. OZ




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