Perfect Fit Donut Cushion For The Bumper Black


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Perfect Fit Donut Cushion For The Bumper Black

The Bumper Donut is part of the Bumper Thrust Buffer line. Designed to reduce the penetration depth of the penis, it can also be used only in several applications. When used, as intended, as an additional cushion for the penis, it can be stacked to create a greater effect of reducing the length of the penis.

Made from our incredibly soft and elastic SilaSkin® material, a blend of TPR and silicone, it provides a large surface area to hit your partner.

It can also be used on the straps to provide cushioning over the attachment point of the dildo harness, or a pad on the shaft of the silicone dildos.

  • Cleaning: Wash abundantly with water and mild soap.
  • Measures: 1.91 x 8.89 cm
  • Weight: 114 gr




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