Pretty Love Aaron Vibration & Rotation


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Aaron incorporates high technology inside with excellent results on the outside. Its ergonomic shape together with elegant design achieve a high quality finish and large capacities.

Aaron will make you reach his pulsating vibrations deep within you, stimulating all your senses and also incorporates a rotation system.

Main features:

  • 100% FDA approved silicone
  •  USB Rechargeable
  • 4 Rotation functions
  • 12 Vibration Functions
  • Silent and powerful vibration
  • Smooth and Silky
  • Measurements; 3.5 cm wide x 18 cm long.

The vibration patterns are easy to use and it has up to 12 different modes and 4 of rotation, using the part you want most at the time you prefer.

It includes a practical cloth bag to store the product after use, an instruction book and a USB charger with plug to connect it directly to the network.

Pretty Love manufactures products with demanding quality standards, all its products are designed in the United States and have a 1 year warranty on technical defects.




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