Pretty Love Eunice δονούμενο αυγό


Δονούμενο αυγό Pretty Love Eunice με 12 επίπεδα διπλής δόνησης για κολπική και κλειτοριδική χρήση.


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Pretty Love Eunice Vibrating Egg

Get this super soft touch vibrating teasing love egg for multi orgamic vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

The powerful vibrations from the love egg vibrator massage you internally while the flickering tail titillates your clit to the max. A top choice and bottom lip trembling 12 functions of vibrating love egg, coated with silicone and required 2 AAA batteries for power.

  • Eunice Double vibrating egg
  • 12 funcitons of vibration
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Batteries remote control 2AAA
  • Material: Silicone and ABS
  • Measurements: See picture
  • Fabric bag included

Pretty Love manufactures products with high standards of quality. All products are designed in United States and have 1 year warranty on technical defects. Pleasure is assured!




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