Rockarmy Harness + Liquid Silicone Premium Spitfire Realistic 21cm


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The Liquid silicone Spitfire is a pleasant and realistic silicone dildo from the Rock Army collection, designed to reach all your intimate points.

This premium realistic penis is in a natural tone color and has a silhouette with a suction cup base – giving you a realistic and exciting experience.

The design features carefully crafted details to enhance its natural appeal, while its dual-density material offers twice the intimate fun.

Its soft-touch exterior and solid core form an irresistible combination that will blow your mind with its sensational feel.

Great are also its qualities. With its silky feel and pleasant 100% silicone surface, Spitfire stimulates in all situations; in bed, in the bathtub or using it with a harness. Additionally Spitfire can be used hands-free by ergonomically placing your foot on a flat surface. It will stay that way as long as it takes and will be easily removed.

Made from liquid silicone and packaged in a carefully revised manner, rock army's liquid silicone is a must-have for all lovers of realistic fun.

Rockarmy's 100% hypoallergenic Liquid Silicone material stands out for its silky matte surface with extraordinary adaptation to the body. Premium waterproof finish (IPX7).

Erotic toys are easy to clean and keep hygienic for a long time. The flexible material glides on beautifully and quickly adopts body temperature. The Rockarmy dildo is quick and easy to clean with a little soap and warm water. For thorough hygiene, spray afterwards with sex toy disinfectant cleaner, preferably specifically designed for this purpose, waterfeel toycleaner.

  • Dildo
  • For vaginal and anal use
  • The wide base of the toy stimulates the external erogenous zones and guarantees a 100% safe anal use
  • It has a nice smooth surface and a very realistic design
  • The body is stable and very flexible at the same time
  • Suction cup base allows attachment to smooth surfaces and walls
  • Can be used with harness
  • Hypoallergenic and odorless material
  • Raincoat
  • Easy to clean with the WATERFEEL TOYCLEANER or mild soap and water
  • Size: 21cm x 4.62cm


Here comes the perfect complement to your favorite range of dildos: The RockArmy Harness.

Play and it doesn't matter if your partner is a man or a woman because you can finally adapt your favorite dildo and place it with this sturdy PU leather harness comfortably thanks to its four nylon straps and its back closure.

Playing hard won't be a problem because your dildo will be attached and adapted without problems, also it incorporates 3 silicone rings of different sizes.

  • Bodysafe material
  • Nylon straps. Resistance and comfortable
  • PU leather
  • Metallic details
  • Flexible rings included

It's time to provide exquisite pleasure with the Rock Army harness!




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