Saninex Aphrodisiac Oil Libido Power 200 Ml


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Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

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Intimate and personal aphrodisiac Saninex oil, with which you can generate a powerful sexual desire to later reach full orgasm / s. You will create high erotic desire in you and you will feel again the most intense, long and desired sensations of enjoying your passion.

Libido power Saninex, Exclusive intimate oil, capable of increasing and enhancing your sensitivity and sexual desire.

Gently dose it all over your body and give yourself the pleasure of feeling maximum.

Reach and feel your fullness, demonstrating in your partner passion and real desire. Exclusive Saninex oil formulated with multiple aphrodisiac ingredients based on 100% enhanced natural extracts and bathed in the intense Saninex aroma and the active principle of verbena, which positively stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Use Saninex libido power and discover the best sexual way to always feel full, active with desire. Feel how over and over again, you reach your climax, bursting with pleasure and illuminating everything with your pleasant smile.

Use indicated in erotic games or moments prior to accompanied passion. Indicated use to achieve healthy and gently exciting skin after each shower or bath. Its aphrodisiac power will be your reward.

Its aphrodisiac power will be your reward.

Moderate daily use allowed.

  • Maximum 150 ml every 24 hours.

With passion everything is pleasure !!

200ml container with metal dosing cap.




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