Saninex Aphrodisiac Oil Rainbow Sex 200ml


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Saninex personal and aphrodisiac intimate oil, transmitter of the best excitements. The rainbow world is a world of freedom with full feelings. Saninex with this special aphrodisiac body oil, manages to make your sexual senses the owners of your best intimate moments.

To love with raimbow sex is to love with passion. Rainbow sex Saninex, exclusive intimate oil, capable of increasing and enhancing your freedom, sensitivity and sexual desire.

Applying it to any part of the body, it will give you its aphrodisiac power that only Saninex provides for you. Same-sex couples are totally lucky and passionate.

  • Reality has gone rainbow.

Exclusive Saninex oil, formulated with multiple aphrodisiac ingredients based on 100% enhanced natural extracts and bathed in the intense Saninex aroma and the active principle of blackberry, which contain anthocyanins and carotenoids, highly beneficial for the body and sexual relations.

Recommended for practicing gentle massages all over the body, nourishing the skin with health while generating that touch and special care on the skin, which ignites pure and unbridled passion.

Use rainbow sex and discover the best sexual way to feel totally free. Use indicated in erotic games or moments prior to accompanied passion.

Indicated use to achieve healthy and gently exciting skin after each shower or bath. Its aphrodisiac power will be your reward.

With passion everything is pleasure !!

200ml container with metal dosing cap.




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