Saninex Mask Exciting Experience


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Light and comfortable Saninex classic lace mask. Become the most desired woman in your intimate moments and let yourself be carried away by the exciting and sexual classic and mysterious romanticism.

With your SANINEX MASCARA EXCITING EXPERIENCE you will have in you, the way to receive, offer and dose the pleasures you want. The only garment capable of creating the most intense atmosphere with less effort. Let your gaze and your eyes be the ones who decide your moments of maximum pleasure and insinuation. Easy to use thanks to its elastic band on the side.

SANINEX MASCARA EXCITING EXPERIENCE, is presented with maximum glamor and elegance, in an attractive bag of exclusive Saninex design.

  • One size. Perfect fit to the face.

The highest quality and minimum prices are always present in the entire range of Saninex health and pleasure products.


  • Exciting sexual experiences.
  • Activate your sex life in a healthy and positive way.
  • Safe for your skin and very comfortable to wear. Anti-allergic fabric.
  • Saninex, holder of a Health Products License, issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Spanish Medicines Agency.




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