Saninex Ntima & Body Cream Pheromone Libido Power 150ml


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Saninex PHEROWOMAN. New intimate body creams PHEROMONE base. Your new exclusive Saninex creams, generate in you, multi orgasms in an intense way, at the same time that with their restructuring active ingredients they manage to achieve a hydrated, rejuvenated, firmed skin and a sculpted silhouette. Get and finally offer with the PHEROWOMAN Saninex, a great attraction, great pleasure and intense sensitivity to the contact of your skin. Advanced combination of Saninex body treatments, designed to maintain maximum sexual pleasure and beauty of the body day after day. SANINEX PHEROWOMAN by and for your many pleasures.

By and for you. The excellent quality of the PHEROMONE base composition, in the exclusive PHEROWOMAN Saninex creams, enhances and provides new pleasures and very intense experiences before, during and after sexual acts.

Pleasure and health Saninex.

  • PHEROMONE base 150ml 5.07oz

Libido Power.




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