Saninex Sexual Evolution Retardant Te 200 Ml


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Sexual oil tea retardant men is integrated into the exclusive line of cosmetic products for health and pleasure Saninex. Vitamined aphrodisiac base oil indicated for the current and active man.

Naturally extend your sexual duration and desire. Increase the time of the intimate moments of love. You will create highly lasting and stimulatingly exciting eroticism in each application.

You can regenerate more strength by managing time as you please. Power your own time at the same time that you generate intense attraction towards you. Turn your sexual intercourse into a long lasting pleasure.

Its exclusive Saninex formula that reactivates the sexual receptors touch multiplies your desire to be loved. 100% enriched with vitamins, high quality cosmetic oils and natural aromatic components, which hydrate in an erotic way, while taking care of your health and beauty Its effects are seen, felt and reward you. Regenerate your body through your active sexuality, increasing repetition and disposition to the maximum desire and own sexual pleasure.

Application: It is important that you generate with massages in the pelvic area, testicular area and penis, with vertical or circular movements that, accompanied with the exclusive tea retardant men Saninex sexual oil, provide that your eroticism irrigates your most masculine and active sexual senses with pleasure.

Also applicable to the rest of the body to obtain its full sensual power. You must repeat the application daily so that its erotic effect provides you with powerful and long-lasting climaxes.

Also applicable in erotic games for individuals or couples. With Saninex sexual oil androsterone men you will obtain the power of male sexuality with high pleasure and health that deeply hydrates, nourishes, has revitalizing, exciting, toning and protective effects.

  • Dermatologically tested and sexually positive
  • Pleasure and health Saninex. 100% Exclusive design and manufacture by Saninex Europe.
  • Volume 200ml.
  • High-end erotic cosmetics.
  • External use.
  • Product made in Spain.




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