Sevencreations Balls Geisha Silver Silver Shades


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They are Chinese vinyl balls, which will provide you with a special pleasure, which you will feel inside your vagina or anus.

"He pushed my legs apart, allowing him full access to my vagina. I started to gasp the moment I felt a cold ball enter me. What are you doing? I asked him almost out of breath. They are called Chinese balls, he said. sliding another ball inside my body.

  • He helped me to sit up and I gasped again as I felt the balls move and collide with each other inside of me.
  • By the time I was on my feet, my breathing was ragged but calm and my erect nipples were felt under my dress … "

They can be used throughout the day, while you carry out your usual activity. As the vagina is stimulated, it is naturally lubricated with its secretions, dilates and is prepared for a more pleasant relationship.

Live new sensations

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