Sevencreations Jelly Rabbit


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Sevencreations Jelly Rabbit

Clitoris stimulating ring and vaginal exciter, with which you can increase pleasure in your intimate relationships, to unsuspected limits.

  • It is soft and very flexible, and waterproof.
  • The vibrating unit is removable so you can always keep it in perfect condition, in addition to other uses.
  • This ring allows you to delay ejaculation, keep your erect penis much longer and lengthen the time of sexual intercourse.

Batteries included.It works with 1 R6 / AA battery that you can find in the section Batteries.Secreation was born in 2002 to satisfy millions of people in the world, the brand established as a solid company manufactures almost 1 million toys a day with a price adapted to audiences of all purchasing powers and people who start in the world of sex toys.




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