Tantric Canela Oil 200ml


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Tantric Aphrodisiac Canelal Oil. Aphrodisiac oils of careful and exquisite elaboration with natural ingredients and enveloping fragrances created to offer and enhance new sensations in the areas you want.

For tantric massages and couple games

Tantric oil aphrodisiac of cinnamon seeks the balance between the interior and the exterior through the harmony that nature provides us with the properties of cinnamon. It is an oils of careful and exquisite elaboration based on natural ingredients and enveloping fragrances, created to offer and enhance new sensations in the areas desired by men and women. You will discover new sensations, sublime and very pleasant sensual experiences with which you can share in your couple games and achieve extraordinary pleasure for your senses.

The main ingredients of this oil are Muira Puama, Epimedium, cinnamon extract and natural extracts and essences obtained from nature. These active principles contain enough to turn the Eros-Art Cinnamon Tantric Oleum into a very special body massage that will activate all our senses to reach a climax of sublime pleasure.

Component properties:

It activates the microcirculation, the circulatory system and at the same time hydrates and provides aphrodisiac elements.

Cinnamon oil is meticulously extracted from the cinnamon bark to ensure that there is no similar dilution of the scent oil that is produced. Cinnamon is used to improve general circulatory function and also acts as an antiseptic, calming, relaxing, and aphrodisiac.

Brief history of Muira Puama, it is a shrub that grows in the Brazilian Amazon area. There are two varieties, P. Olacoides, which contain a high level of lupeol. And the Brazilian considered with a high aphrodisiac and sexual tonic power. The effects of this plant is the increase of libido, sensations in the skin and sexual organs, anti-fatigue and toning properties.

Brief history of Epidemium. This plant grows in Asia, it has been traditionally used to tone and regulate sexual dysfunctions. Increases the level of testosterone, and dilates blood vessels to activate circulation.

The components of Sensual Oleum Eros-Art will provide you with a pleasant sensation as it will activate all your senses, the natural aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, will provide you with a stimulating scent, so the massages will be highly pleasant.

200 ml container




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