Waves Of Pleasure Realistic Vibe δονητής 19.5 εκατοστά


Δονητής 19.5 εκατοστά Waves Of Pleasure Realistic Vibe από υποαλλερικό υλικό, μπαταρίες με πολλές ταχύτητες δόνησης.

Άμεσα διαθέσιμο
Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Κωδικός προϊόντος: D-227334 Κατηγορίες: , Ετικέτα:


Waves Of Pleasure Realistic Vibe 19.5 Cm

Experience some serious satisfaction with this vibrator

This dildo is realistically moulded including the perfect girth and almost 18 cm of pleasure to make all your dreams come true. Sitting upright on its own, this really great jelly dildo  to get up to all sorts of naughty things and feels

Absolutely amazing. a brilliant porn star jelly dildo to introduce to your sex life.

  • Realistic dildo
  • Total length: 19.5 cm
  • Insertable length: 17.5 cm
  • Diameter: 4 cm
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Multispeed
  • Batteries: 2AA




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