Womanvibe Κeisy ΙI μπάλες Geisha σιλικόνη


Μπάλες σιλικόνης Womanvibe Κeisy ΙI Geisha

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Μπάλες σιλικόνης Womanvibe Κeisy II Geisha για αύξηση της σεξουαλικής απόλαυσης και καλυτέρευση της υγείας.

The Geisha Keisy II ball is made of ultra soft grade silicone. You strengthen your pelvic floor and increase sexual sensation in addition to benefiting from an improvement in your health!

Keisy II are lightweight balls and are made up of two balls, making them perfect for beginners. It is recommended to be used after the WomanVibe Keisi I unit ball has been used.

  • 100% silicone
  • Silk Touch
  • Yes Phthalates
  • Ball diameter 3.3
  • Total length (cord included) 16.5 cm
  • Weight; 65 grams

Instructions for use;

  • Wash before and after use with mild soap.
  • Use them for a maximum of 15 minutes a day while on the go.
  • You will begin to notice results after 7 days of use.


Opening a box of Womanvibe products is exclusive. All products include Deluxe presentation box in gold background.

Inside you will find

  • Keisy II Chinese balls.




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