Xpower Erection Booster Gel 6 X 4 Ml


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Erection Booster Gel, part of our XPOWER product range, is a fast and very effective erection gel that stimulates erection. Get even more intimate with this fast-acting enhancement gel for an even harder penis and fulfilling sexual relations.

The Erection Booster Gel is easy to use, you can apply it only moments before the desired effect. Further it comes in a practical pocket format: you can carry it with you everywhere and always be prepared.

Natural ingredients such as Cayenne pepper and Sunflower seeds get your blood flowing and enhance your erection. Erection Booster Gel is the perfect ally to boost erections. Edible and compatible with condoms makes it even more practical and safe to use.

  • Boosts erection
  • Practical travel packages


  • Erection Booster Gel is perfect for men who want to improve and stimulate their erection. It helps to get an even harder and faster erection and increases therefore the sexual pleasure.
  • Cayenne Pepper increases the blood flow and stimulates the erection and Sunflower Seeds enhance this stimulating effect.

Direction for use:

  • Apply the gel on the penis before intercourse and massage until absorbed. Test for skin sensitivity before using by applying a small amount of gel to your forearm. Stop use in case of an allergic reaction. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Edible, can be used safely with condoms.

Net volume: 6 packages of 4 ml




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