Xpower Hot Shot Sex Booster 3 X 20 Ml


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Hot Shot Sex Booster is the new energy shot of the XPOWER product range, perfectly suited for men and women.

Hot Shot Sex Booster increases the libido, stimulates sex drive and intensifies sexual relations. Based on natural ingredients, such as, maca, a natural aphrodisiac and ginseng and guarana Hot Shot Sex Booster by Labophyto boosts physical performance and sexual desire. The small format is convenient, even when travelling.

  • Fast acting aphrodisiac
  • Shot of 20 ml


  • Get a quick boost of your libido et intesify sexual pleasure Hot Shot Sex Booster is based on natural ingredients such as Maca, a natural aphrodisiac that helps stimulate sexual desire and is a source of energy, Ginseng enhances vitality and physical performance and Guarana helps you to feel more energetic and reduce mental fatigue

Directions for use:

  • 1 bottle shot (= 20 ml) per day, 1h before the desired effect.
  • Net volume: 60 ml or 3 shots of 20 ml




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