Xpower Intimate Cleaning Wipes 6 Units


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Intimate Cleaning Wipes from our XPOWER range are wipes that clean and refresh the intimate area in any circumstances.

Labophyto's Intimate Cleaning Wipes have a fresh and light fragrance. Thanks to the practical pocket size of the cleaning wipes they can easily fit in any pocket and be taken with you on the road. The wipes refresh and cleanse your intimate area for a better hygiene and a better sexual well-being. Feel refreshed at any time.

  • Intimate cleansing wipes ideally to refresh your intimate area, suited for both men and women
  • Pack of 6 wipes

Our Intimate Cleaning Wipes from the XPOWER range, help to maintain an impeccable intimate hygiene for both, men and women, even on the go. It is important to give extra care and attention to intimate areas. Keeping them clean is essential for good hygiene and sexual well-being.

  • Geranium helps to refresh and clean your intimate area thanks to its antiseptic virtues
  • Cotton oil and Calendula make the cleaning soft and light, thanks to their soothing virtues for the skin

Direction for use:

  • Specially designed to cleanse and refresh the intimate parts of the body.
  • Apply the wipe to the desired parts of the body. Before using the wipe on a regular basis; apply a small amount to your forearm. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. After use, dispose the wipe in the waste bin. Do not flush the wipe down the toilet.




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